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Introducing Fleur and Lynette

Pictured above in Warm Fleur features a bouquet of vibrant blooms printed on silk charmeuse.

This whimsical print was dreamed up and drafted by our design team at our headquarters in Novato, CA.

It is digitally printed on our signature silk/linen charmeuse; the same base fabric as Rosalina, Paloma, and Luna.

The Lynette (shown in Midnight and Jade) collection features a delicate floral embroidery with pale gold accents on our softly textured silk velvet.

The embroidery pattern is comprised of both cotton thread—which absorbs dye the same way our fabric does— as well as accents of pale gold thread, which don’t dye.

The use of varied embroidery threads creates a two-tone color play when Lynette is dyed in any of our 16 hand-mixed colors.

Jade & Mahogany

Next, let’s turn our eyes towards color! With our color palette, we are always looking to create and offer unexpected combinations each season.

Our first new hue is Jade, a rich, verdant green with subtle blue undertones. Jade was inspired by the tranquility of the green space provided by indoor tropical plants and our garden, both of which offer a sense of calm grounding.

Our second hue is Mahogany, a deep reddish-brown. This color was born from a desire for a saturated, earth tone that felt natural but could also offer an elegant juxtaposition to our softer hues. We've had such fun layering our core light-tones and midtones against Jade and Mahogany—the depth of these two hues brings vibrant life to our organic palette, inspiring truly unique color play.